Quality Systems

"A quality antibody should be highly specific, has long shelf-life, and performs the same for every Lot"


In a survey conducted by Nature, 90% of respondents agreed that there was a reproducibility crisis in biological experiments, and many blamed it on poor-quality antibodies. Irreproducible results not only frustrates researchers, it also wastes precious time, samples, and funding.

At HUABIO, we are committed to providing antibodies that help to make scientific discoveries reproducible. Our strategy is to combine recombinant technology platform with aggressive validation.

Recombinant Monoclonals

Not only have we dedicated our new production capacity to recombinant antibodies, we also plan to transform the other high-performing polyclonal and hybridoma monoclonal antibodies to the recombinant platform. Currently we have Recombinant antibodies against more than 1,600 targets

Antibody Validation

Quality control starts at the immunogen and continues to the full range applications validations. On top of target-specific applications, we test the stabilities and batch (lot-to-lot) consistencies, to ensure both functionality and durability of the products are exceptional.


We examined the stability of our antibodies at different storage temperatures for varying lengths of time to verify the stability and quality of antibodies during transportation and storage. We have demonstrated that with a subset of our antibodies, room temperature does not impair their activity for up to three months. 

Product shown:
Beta-Actin Monoclonal Antibody
[EM21002] 1:10,000

Sample used:
PC-12 whole cell lysates


Knockout (KO) validation is used to confirm antibody specificity by testing the antibody of interest in a KO cell line or tissue that does not express the target protein. No signal is observed when a specific antibody is tested in a KO cell line while giving the specific target protein signal in the wild-type (WT) cell line.

Product shown: 
ATP Citrate Lyase Recombinant Monoclonal Antibody
[ET1609-37]  1:1,000

Lot to Lot Consistency

As an antibody manufacturer, we evaluate each and every new lot. After each lot has been successfully produced, we compare the newest batch to the previous. We use the same experimental conditions to review whether the activity and specificity remain consistent.

Product shown:
PAX8 Recombinant Monoclonal Antibody
[ET1701-50] 1:500

Sample used:
SK-OV-3 whole cell lysates