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HUABIO is essential to science

Founded in 2007, HUABIO is dedicated to developing curated, high-quality antibodies that advance innovation. We're passionate about the accuracy, efficiency, and consistency of our products.

We devote our company mission to the disruption of an already overcrowded antibody market. With multiple companies selling the same, often unreliable products, we refuse to blend in with the rest. This means manufacturing and rigorously testing every product in-house before sending it directly to your lab. This is our Huabio guarantee and this is the foundation necessary for your next successful study. 

Commitment to Quality

At HUABIO, we are committed to providing antibodies that help make scientific discoveries reproducible. Our strategy is to combine the recombinant technology platform with aggressive validation tests in order to produce the most reliable antibodies in the market.

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Our aggressive QA standards ensure we deliver cutting-edge antibodies with uncompromised quality to every researcher. Work with us and experience brilliantly curated antibodies that are proven to work.


HUABIO is putting words into actions. We are committed to cruelty-free production, fully-recyclable packaging, paperless documentation and carbon-offset company travel. 


Our blog is another way we can strengthen our connection. In our blog section, you can expect publication spotlights, exciting company announcements and incredible research spotlights.

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