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HUABIO employs a range of proprietary technologies and processes protected by patents, including antigen design based on structural biology, recombinant antibody development through monoclonal B-cell screening, and a multidimensional quality validation control. This approach enables us to develop and produce core antibody products with high sensitivity, high specificity, and no lot-to-lot consistency, addressing long-standing issues in traditional antibody production.

01 Primary Antibodies

HUABIO's antibody product line includes rabbit monoclonal antibodies, mouse monoclonal antibodies, rabbit polyclonal antibodies, alpaca antibodies, secondary antibodies, proteins/peptides, and related reagents for antibody detection. Since 2015, the company has focused on the research and industrial production of high-throughput recombinant rabbit monoclonal antibodies. Our antibody products now cover various fields, including neuroscience, immunology and inflammation, cancer, cell biology & signal transduction, developmental biology & stem cells, and epigenetics.


02 Industrial Raw Materials

HUABIO provides industrial antibodies raw materials, such as the Anti-IL6 Detector recombinant rabbit monoclonal antibody, which is widely used in drug development, in vitro diagnostics, and scientific research. IHC antibodies, such as the Ki-67 protein, is nuclear protein dimers used in pathology for grading neuroendocrine tumors, distinguishing follicular lymphoma from reactive follicles, and diagnosing Burkitt lymphoma. HUABIO offers many more antibodies raw materials), and we will continuously introduce (offer customers) new high-quality new products. Stay tuned for more exciting developments!


03 HUABIO Kits

HUABIO offers a broad range of high-quality assay kits for the convenient and dependable analysis of molecular, protein, cell biology research. These assay kit includes antibody kits, ELISA kits, ECL chemiluminescence assay kits, and mycoplasma PCR detection kits. HUABIO featured product ELISA (Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay) is based on the specific binding of antibodies/antigens. It not only allows for the quantitative analysis of specific proteins but also enables the study of interactions between molecules or other properties.


04 Magnetic Beads

HUABIO's Anti-DYKDDDDK magnetic beads are derived from Anti-DYKDDDDK [A2-A4] recombinant mouse monoclonal antibodies, covalently coupled with agarose magnetic beads with a diameter of 30-150μm. The Anti-DYKDDDDK immune magnetic beads can be used for immunoprecipitation experiment to detect and capture Flag-tagged fusion proteins. Rapid and efficient separation can be achieved through magnetic adsorption, eliminating the need for centrifugation and facilitating experimental procedures.


HUABIO Featured collection

We are committed to providing high-quality products and services for life science research. Actively developing targets with high market demand, we continually improve our technologies to meet the needs of more users. HUABIO's antibody identification platform employs a five-pillar validation strategy to ensure the production of high-quality antibody products.

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