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Work with HUABIO

Founded in 2007, HUABIO is dedicated to developing high-quality antibodies that advance innovation. We're passionate about the accuracy, efficiency, and consistency of our products. That's why we've invested in new production platforms, like recombinant rabbit monoclonals, alpaca nanobodies, and adopted aggressive QA standards to deliver cutting-edge antibodies with uncompromised quality.

We hope to see you at your next discovery!


committed to providing best-possible antibodies and customer service

The antibody market is too crowded, with multiple companies selling the same few products. We refuse to be like everyone else. We offer a ​curated catalog created in-house. We will always stand for quality over quantity.

Our mission is to provide exceptional antibodies from our production line directly to your lab.

Every product in our catalog is made and tested in-house, backed with our HUABIO guarantee. 


Specificity + reproducibility

At HUABIO, we are committed to providing antibodies that help to make the scientific discoveries reproducible. Our strategy is to combine the Recombinant technology platform with aggressive validation tests.

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