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Publication Spotlight: Deficiency of KMT2C is Mutated in Extensive SCLC, Promotes Multiple-Organ Metastases

In a recent Nature Cancer publication, Na, Feifei, et al., found that a deficiency of KMT2C, a histone H3 lysine 4 m...

5 Fun Facts about Pi Day

Happy Pi Day (3/14)! To celebrate, here are some facts you can share with your coworkers today.

How do Nanobodies Stack Up Against other Antibodies?

Nanobodies have the potential to be very helpful in many lines of research. But what are they exactly and how far has nanobody research come?

Knockout vs. Knockdown

In a survey conducted by Nature, 90% of respondents agreed that there was a reproducibility crisis in biological expe...

Brains-in-a-Dish that Mimic the Major Pathological Features of Parkinson’s Disease

A team of researchers from the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR)’s Genome Institute of Singapore ...

Nanobodies Possibly Prevent Deadly Post-Transplant Infection

Scientists have developed a nanobody that is capable of recognizing human cytomegalovirus (HCMV) as it hides away f...

Publication Spotlight: Potassium Channel KCa3.1 is Potentially a New Therapeutic Target in Kawasaki Disease

KCa3.1 blockade of macrophages suppresses inflammatory reaction leading to mouse coronary artery endothelial cell injury in a cell model of KD by hampering the activation of NF-κB and STAT3 signaling pathway.

Broad Researcher’s Find SETDB1 Helps Tumors Evade the Immune System

SETDB1 could be targeted by new drugs for cancer patients who don’t respond to existing immunotherapies.

Publication Spotlight: RNA Binding Protein FgRbp1 Regulates Specific Pre-mRNA Splicing in Fusarium

In the recent publication by Wang et al. HUABIO’s anti-RPS3 antibody and anti-RPS20 antibody helped determine if FgRbp1 is a splicing regulator and regulates the pre-mRNA splicing in a sequence-dependent manner in F. graminearum.

HUABIO Announces New French Distributor

HUABIO is partnering with Euromedex to provide French researchers the very best life science products. Since 1984, Eu...

Nanobodies in the News

Tick-borne bacterial infection blocked by nanobodies
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