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HUABIO Announces New French Distributor

HUABIO is partnering with Euromedex to provide French researchers the very best life science products. Since 1984, Eu...

Nanobodies in the News

Tick-borne bacterial infection blocked by nanobodies

Earth Day, Every Day

Earth Day is all about empowering people with the information, the tools, the messaging needed to make an impact and drive environmental change.

New Advances in Regenerative Medicine Using Zebrafish

Zebrafish regenerative protein could inspire new treatments for muscle wasting

Publication Spotlight: Innovative Dissolvable Microneedle Patches are an Effective Treatment of Inflammatory Skin Disorders

Microneedle-assisted genome editing: A transdermal strategy of targeting NLRP3 by CRISPR-Cas9 for synergistic therapy of inflammatory skin disorders.

How to Choose a Loading Control for Western Blotting

Loading controls serve as a vital method of verifying the results acquired through western blotting by normalizing...

Nanobodies in the News

Novel nanobody used to study the dynamics of microtubules

Brain Aging Accelerated with Loss of p53 Isoform

Depletion of Δ113p53/Δ133p53 may result in long-term ROS stress and finally lead to age-related diseases, such as AD and ALS in humans.


Is this blog on? Try out new HUABIO test sized antibodies!

Our Network is Growing!

We’re proud to announce our new partnership with Lubioscience.

New, Efficient Technique for Discovering Nanobody Fragments Developed

A fast and efficient method for discovering tiny antibody fragments with significant potential for development into therapeutics against deadly diseases.
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