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Introducing HUABIO Cold Racks

After months of strategizing, we are finally launching our cold racks. Learn all about our exciting new addition and the benefits it holds for your bench. 


What is a Cold Rack?

Our cold racks are benchtop coolers that seamlessly take the place of any methods of cooling you and your labmates have been using such as countertop ice buckets. One cold rack alone can hold up to 9 samples. 


Bench Benefits

  • No drop in temperature: Transferring vials from the freezer directly onto a cold rack allows for consistent low temperatures.
  • No drop in quality: Keep up to 9 viles on your bench for hours without worrying about compromising on temperature or quality.
  • Easy, secure storage: The cold racks’ small design with protective cover allows for secure storage in your freezer without taking up excessive space.

Sustainability Benefit

As a business, we are constantly looking for ways to better our practices and lower our carbon impact. Our new cold racks are a way we can extend our sustainability efforts and help labs run in a more green way. All cold racks are reusable and can replace any provisional methods labs are currently using, helping labs implement small improvements that will go a long way. 

Our cold racks are available with every purchase. Browse through our catalog here.

Learn more about our sustainability practices here.

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