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Rabbit IgG Nanoselector Agarose

Product code: NBS11A

  • Overview

  • Product name Rabbit IgG Nanoselector Agarose
    • Introduction
    • Rabbit IgG Nanoselector Agarose has been specifically designed to bind Rabbit IgG FC Instead of protein A for IP or CoIP. The ligand on the resin targets the Fc region of rabbit IgG antibodies independent of the light chain subclass.Compared with protein A,Rabbit IgG nanoselector has much higher affinity than protein A,affinity KD<1pM.

    • Affinity
    • KD<1pM

    • Benefits
    • High affinity<1pM
      Highly selective for rabbit IgG FC
      No binding to human,mouse,bovine, horse, sheep, and goat IgG
      Complex growth media with fetal calf or horse serum can be applied
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