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turboGFP Nanoselector Agarose

Product code: NBS04A

  • Overview

  • Product name turboGFP Nanoselector Agarose
    • Introduction
    • The dimeric green fluorescent protein TurboGFP is derived from the green fluorescent protein CopGFP of the copepod Pontellina plumata (Shagin et al., 2004). It possesses bright green fluorescence with excitation maximum at 482 nm and emission maximum at 502 nm. TurboGFP is a fast maturating protein: its fluorescent signal is visible earlier than other green fluorescent proteins. TurboGFP shares only about 20% sequence identity with jellyfish GFP variants. Therefore, most anti-GFP antibodies including the GFP-Nanobody used in GFP-Trap do not bind to TurboGFP. TurboGFP is mainly intended for applications where fast appearance of bright fluorescence is crucial. It is specially recommended for cell and organelle labeling and tracking the promoter activity. Destabilized TurboGFP variant allows accurate analysis of rapid and/or transient events in gene regulation.

    • Specificity
    • TurboGFP and CopGFP from the copepod Pontellina plumata. The TurboGFP-Trap does not bind to jellyfish GFP and derivatives

    • Affinity
    • 0.18nM

    • Bead properties
    • Bead size: ~ 90 µm Storage buffer: 20% EtOH

    • Binding capacity
    • High binding capacity,10 µL slurry bind about 25 µg of recombinant TurboGFP

    • Elution
    • - SDS sample buffer - 0.2 M glycine pH 2.5 Instead of elution, we recommend on-bead assays like on-bead digestion for MS analysis.

    • Stability and Storage
    • Shipped at ambient temperature. Upon receipt store at +4°C. Stable for 1 year. Do not freeze.

    • Benefits
    • Effective pull-down of TurboGFP fusion proteins, low background NO heavy & light chain contamination High binding affinity Harsh washing conditions
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