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RFP Nanoselector Agarose

Product code: NBS02A

  • Overview

  • Product name RFP Nanoselector Agarose
    • Introduction
    • Red fluorescent proteins (RFPs) and variants thereof are widely used to study protein localization and dynamics. For biochemical analysis including mass spectrometry and enzyme activity measurements these RFP-fusion proteins and their interacting factors can be isolated fast and efficiently by immunoprecipitation using the RFP nanoselector Agarose. RFP nanoselector Agarose utilizes small recombinant alpaca antibody fragments covalently coupled to the surface of agarose beads.

    • Specificity
    • mCherry, mRFP, mRFPruby, mPlum, tagRFP, mKate2 and many more RFP derivatives

    • Bead properties
    • Bead size: ~ 90 µm Storage buffer: 20% EtOH

    • Binding capacity
    • High binding capacity,10 µL slurry bind about 25 µg of recombinant RFP

    • Elution
    • - SDS sample buffer - 0.2 M glycine pH 2.5 Instead of elution, we recommend on-bead assays like on-bead digestion for MS analysis.

    • Stability and Storage
    • Shipped at ambient temperature. Upon receipt store at +4°C. Stable for 1 year. Do not freeze.

    • Benefits
    • Effective pulldown of RFP-fusion proteins for consistent results No heavy & light antibody chains, short incubation (5-30 min) Extraordinary binding, also under harsh conditions Very high affinity (KD=0.15 nM) to bind even low abundant protein
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