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Product code: ER1902-05

  • Overview

  • Product name KCNMA1
  • Molecular Wt Predicted band size 137/130 kDa.
  • Description Potassium channel activated by both membrane depolarization or increase in cytosolic Ca2+ that mediates export of K+. It is also activated by the concentration of cytosolic Mg2+. Its activation dampens the excitatory events that elevate the cytosolic Ca2+ concentration and/or depolarize the cell membrane. It therefore contributes to repolarization of the membrane potential. Plays a key role in controlling excitability in a number of systems, such as regulation of the contraction of smooth muscle, the tuning of hair cells in the cochlea, regulation of transmitter release, and innate immunity. In smooth muscles, its activation by high level of Ca2+, caused by ryanodine receptors in the sarcoplasmic reticulum, regulates the membrane potential. In cochlea cells, its number and kinetic properties partly determine the characteristic frequency of each hair cell and thereby helps to establish a tonotopic map. Kinetics of KCNMA1 channels are determined by alternative splicing, phosphorylation status and its combination with modulating beta subunits. Highly sensitive to both iberiotoxin (IbTx) and charybdotoxin (CTX).
  • Species reactivity Human, Mouse, Rat
  • Tested applications WB,ICC,IHC,FC
  • Antibody type Rabbit Polyclonal Antibody
  • Immunogen Synthetic peptide within rat KCNMA1 aa 100-300.
  • Positive control Rat brain lysates, A549, rat cerebellum tissue, human kidney tissue, human small intestine tissue, mouse colon tissue, HCT116.
  • Conjugate Non-conjugated
  • Alternative names subfamily M subunit alpha-1 antibody
    BK channel antibody
    BKCA alpha antibody
    BKCA alpha subunit antibody
    BKTM antibody
    Calcium-activated potassium channel antibody
    Calcium-activated potassium channel subunit alpha-1 antibody
    Drosophila slowpoke like antibody
    hSlo antibody
    K(VCA)alpha antibody
    KCa1.1 antibody
    KCMA1_HUMAN antibody
    KCNMA antibody
    KCNMA1 antibody
    Maxi K channel antibody
    Maxi Potassium channel alpha antibody
    MaxiK antibody
    SAKCA antibody
    SLO alpha antibody
    SLO antibody
    Slo homolog antibody
    Slo-alpha antibody
    Slo1 antibody
    Slowpoke homolog antibody
  • Properties

  • Form Liquid
  • Concentration 1mg/mL
  • Storage instructions Store at +4℃ after thawing. Aliquot store at -20℃. Avoid repeated freeze / thaw cycles.
  • Buffer 1*PBS (pH7.4), 0.2% BSA, 50% Glycerol. Preservative: 0.05% Sodium Azide.
  • Isotype IgG
  • Purity Peptide affinity purified.
  • Subcellular location Cell membrane, Endoplasmic reticulum, Membrane.
  • Database links SwissProt:Q12791 Human
    SwissProt:Q08460 Mouse
    SwissProt:Q62976 Rat
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