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M13 Monoclonal Antibodies (HRP)

Release time:28/05/2020

M13 is a filamentous bacteriophage composed of circular single stranded DNA (ssDNA) which is 647 nucleotides long encapsulated in approximately 27 copies of the major coat protein P8, and capped with 5 copies of two different minor coat proteins (P9, P6, P3) on the ends. Infection with filamentous phages is not lethal, however the infection causes turbid plaques in E. coli. Filamentous phages are group of non-lytic phages that incorporate round single stranded DNA. The family of Ff, M13, fd, and f1 are vital phages which have utility in phage display among which M13 phage is the most generally used.

M13 plasmids are used for many recombinant DNA processes, and the virus has also been studied for its uses in nanostructures and nanotechnology.

Phage display is based on genetic manipulation of genes of surface proteins of filamentous phages like M13 and Fd. Hybridoma and phage display technology are common techniques to obtain monoclonal antibodies. Despite of advantage of hybridoma technology there are some limitation: poor immunogenicity of some targets, high production cost, unexpected immune response due to murine origin, time-consuming and need to myeloma cells.

Phage display is a powerful technique in isolation of monoclonal antibodies with high affinity to their target.

M13 antibodies are commonly in screening phage display libraries. The phage display technique thus facilitates the selection of antibody fragments of therapeutic value or research interest. Antibodies to M13 filamentous phage coat proteins are instrumental in the selection and detection of phages expressing specific antibody fragments or peptide sequences at their surface.

Fig1: ELISA Test of M13 antibody (HRP) Binding to M13 Phage.

Samples were blocked with 1% BSA for 1 hours at 37°C and incubated with the primary antibody (EM1902-18, 1/10000) for 1 hours at 25°C. The M13 antibody was repeatedly frozen and thawed for 4 times at -80°C, 4°C, 37°C .

We have launched two monoclonal M13 antibodies which are HRP conjugated. They are validated in ELISA by our in-house experts. We guarantee high quality of our products.

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M13 (HRP) antibody [A5B3] (Cat#EM1902-18 )

M13 (HRP) antibody [A4C11] (Cat#EM1902-19)