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New secondary antibody released

Release time:09/10/2019

The nanobody is an antibody fragment consisting of a single monomeric variable antibody domain. Nanobodies are the smallest functional antigen-binding fragments.

We have newly released a secondary antibody, alpaca anti-rabbit IgG FC recombinant VHH (HRP), which is a monoclonal Nanobody.

This nano secondary antibody has multiple advantages.

Fewer Animal ethics disputes:

The secondary antibodies use microbial fermentation for large-scale production, greatly reduced the number of animals used for secondary antibody production

Batch-to-batch stability:

Recombination techniques are used to reduce batch-to-batch differences.

High specificity :

Nanobody has no FC terminal. It could eliminate non-specific binding between Fc and Fc receptor on cells (such as macrophages, dendritic cells, neutrophils, NK cells and B cells) , and does not interfere with anti-Fc mediated antibody detection.

Higher resolution imaging :

The smaller size of Alpaca anti-rabbit Fc, recombinant VHH enables it penetrate tissues more efficiently.And it decreases the distance between the epitope and label.

Experimental convenience:

The Alpaca anti-rabbit Fc, recombinant VHH could be incubated together with the rabbit primary antibody.

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