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What is 'save basket' / 'Basket ID'?

In the shopping basket, you have the option of saving the contents of the basket so that you can retrieve the same items again in the future by entering the 'basket ID'. You are given the basket ID when you save the basket, and for convenience we email it to you as well.

What is 'save basket' / 'Basket ID'?

  • You have spent a long time finding all the items you need - and don't want to do that again.
  • You can give the 'basket ID' to your purchasing agent so that they will order exactly the items you want.
  • You might have got as far as adding items to your basket, but haven't quite decided if you are going to buy them or not.

The basket ID can be used at any time in the future and not only by yourself, but do not worry, when the basket ID is used your personal details are not loaded unless you sign in.

How do I use my 'basket ID'?

When you return to the huabio homepage, you can click on the 'Shopping basket' menu item and then the 'View your basket' link to take you to a page where you put in your basket ID. Or you can click on the link that is provided in the email that we send out with every saved basket.


When you click on the 'save basket' button, you will be asked to sign in with your email address. If you haven't created an account with us before, you will be asked to enter your name as well.