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A Small Fish Plays a Big Role in Life Science Research

Zebrafish, also known as Danio rerio, is a small tropical freshwater fish, named for its five uniform blue stripes extending from the body to its fin, reminiscent of a zebra's stripes. Zebrafish have become a very important animal model, not only for developmental biology and genetics but also for disease modeling and drug discovery. They offer many advantages over other in vivo vertebrate model systems. Zebrafish are a powerful tool for exploring cellular processes during development, offer ease of manual experimentation and drug administration, and have quick and prolific fertility.

In order to promote academic research of zebrafish, we’ll be supporting the "Fifth Chinese Zebrafish Principle Investigator Meeting". Our team will be on hand from November 13th to 15th 2020 in Wuhan, China. We’re excited to speak with more than 300 Principle Investigators who are specializing in zebrafish research from all over the world.

As an antibody manufacturer, HUABIO has more than one hundred zebrafish antibodies, strictly validated by our in-house experts.

HUABIO antibodies have been cited by many Zebrafish researchers. In a paper titled “PTC-bearing mRNA elicits a genetic compensation response via Upf3a and COMPASS components” (Nature, 2019 Apr; 568 (7751): 259-263), several antibodies, including anti-Myc (0912-2), anti-Actb1 (R1207-1), and anti-H3 (M1309-1) were provided by HUABIO.

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